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3D massage cushion is a cushion type massager that can be used for various parts of the body. The bead fits perfectly to the body. In addition, you can use it in a rechargeable cordless. It is cute because it does not look like a massager.


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A new high-end model for the Doctor Air 3D Massage series, a series boasting over 1,000,000 units sold altogether.

The 3D Massage Seat Premium features the series’ longest* 70-cm massage range to reach every area from neck to shoulders, back, lower back and bottom. It offers an authentic massage experience with four modes: Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu and Kneading/Tapping.

Out of all Doctor Air seat-type massagers, as of July 2017

Create your own relaxation space with a satisfying massage experience


Long massage range for all body types

The shoulder upper limit button establishes the highest point according to your shoulder height, offering a relaxing massage for everyone.

Addition of Tapping and Kneading/Tapping modes

In addition to the original Kneading and Shiatsu, the premium model adds Tapping and Kneading/Tapping. Each mode can be selected for any chosen area, enabling a more authentic massage experience.

Equipped with a full massage chair configuration. Offers the longest massage range in the series*.

Authentic, thus Premium.

The seat is equipped with a full massage chair configuration with large 5.5-cm massage rollers and the series’ longest 70-cm massage range*. The shoulder upper limit button allows you to establish the range of the massage area, offering a just-right and relaxing experience for all.

Premium massage experience with four select modes.


– Kneading

– Smooth movements that simulate human touch for thorough relief of tightness.


– Tapping

– Rhythmical tapping of the massage rollers for an enjoyable massage.


– Shiatsu

– Firm pressure applied with the large massage rollers to simulate a human-like shiatsu touch.


– Kneading/Tapping

– Combination of the smooth kneading function and rhythmical tapping function.

– Comfortable vibrations for further relaxation.

– The seat portion has three vibration points to effectively release fatigue in the lower body (bottom, thighs, etc.).

– Select your preferred massage area.

– Full bodyPartialPoint

– A light-weight, compact and portable massage chair that makes the home a space for relaxation.

– The 3D Massage Seat Premium offers a high-quality massage performance equivalent to chair-type massagers, yet is only 7.35 kg. It is easy for anyone to carry, making it convenient to use anywhere in the home, including your living room. Enjoy a relaxing massage in your usual location, or try a new place entirely.

– Personalize your experience.

– Specify details like speed and massage area with the remote control.

– The remote control features large buttons, an easy-to-read screen, and instantly recognizable massage area options. It is connected directly to the product, which eliminates the need for batteries and uses less power. Try one of the three single-button auto courses, or make detailed adjustments to the shoulder height, tapping position and speed, massage roller range, and more.

– Shoulder upper limit button

– Establish the highest point for your shoulder.

– Vibration button

– Start the vibration function.

– Remote control

– A luxurious design to fit your home.

– The 3D Massage Seat Premium features a mesh material with high breathability, and a premium synthetic leather with a beautiful sheen. The texture feels pleasant against the skin in every season.

– Color variation

– Purpose and effects

– Substitute for massage. For household use.

– Relieves fatigue, improves blood circulation, removes muscle fatigue, relaxes tight muscles, and relieves nerve pain and sore muscles


– Product name 3D Massage Seat Premium

– Model MS-002

– General name Household electric massager

– Medical device type Controlled medical device

– Medical device certification number 228AHBZX00034000

– Power 100 V AC / 50/60 Hz

– Rated power consumption 53 W

– Timer 20 min (±10%)

– Dimensions 460 mm W x 1260 mm H (back 840 mm) x 120 mm D (excluding massage roller portion)

– Weight 7.35 kg (without accessories)

– Materials ABS, Polyester, Polyurethane

– Accessories AC adapter, power cord, cushion, buffer sheet, user manual, warranty

– Made in China

– Count of kneading: Speed 1: 33 ± 3 times/min, Speed 2: 40 ± 3 times/min, Speed 3: 47 ± 3 times /min

– Count of tapping: Speed 1: 480 ± 10% taps/min, Speed 2: 580 ± 10% taps/min, Speed 3: 680 ± 10% taps/min

– Vibration frequency: Low (1 motor): 5500 ± 10% vibrations/min, Med (2 motors): 5500 ± 10% / 5500 ± 10% vibrations/min, High (3 motors): 5500 ± 10% / 5500 ± 10% / 5500 ± 10% vibrations/min

– Massage roller movement speed: Speed 1: 3.0 ± 10% cm/min, Speed 2: 4.0 ± 10% cm/min, Speed 3: 5.0 ± 10% cm/min

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